Allow Us To Introduce You To Alt-Pop Electronic Rising Kitten, L Devine & Her Hypnotizing "Priorities"

Allow us to introduce you to Alt-Pop electronic rising kitten, L Devine and her hypnotizing single "Priorities". Thee sparkling track is brought to us by the British singer and songwriter via her label Warner Bros. Records. 

She's co-written tunes for the likes of artists Icona Pop. But it's her 2021 super fresh sonic "Priorities", that's got all right right juice and melodic chords to stay on repeat. 

This is L Devine's official second single from her EP, Near Life Experience: Part 1. Thee songstress herself had the following spill about the relationship theme song saying, 

“I had the title ‘Priorities’ in mind for a while. I just wanted to get my frustrations in a relationship out, as I was so maddened that this person wasn’t putting me first, like I was with them. Over time, the song’s meaning has changed for me. Now it makes me think of the journey I’ve been on with myself since I wrote it. I’ve realized all the things I list in the song that this person is prioritizing over me, are things I should be doing for myself. I was so fixated on putting my whole self-worth onto this person when really, I just needed to stop and look after myself.” 

 Without further ado. Get into thee L Devine groove. With INYIM Media latest hit parade. Thee inescapable, mesmerizing jazzed out "Priorities" featured right below!

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