R&B Starlight Amber Mark & Her Sunny Delight Single “Foreign Things”!

We are over the moon with anticipation for R&B starlight, Amber Mark and her completed debut record. We've been covering Miss Mark's for well over 3 years now. Her brand new sparkling tune entitled, “Foreign Things.” 

Thee sunny delight single is a burst of sleek and catchy lyrical rays. The theme explores the excitement of new experience and explains why the thrill of newness is all apart of evolution and living. 

After all its about the journey and never the destination. An adventure towards self discovery and enlightenments through love and connections. Sonically there are triumphant upbeat bouncy beats. 

With out further ado. Let there be love. With INYIM Media "Song of the day". Thee inescapable and catchy “Foreign Things” featured right below!


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