No Stranger To Our Pages, Rising Pop Kitten, UPSAHL Returns With Uptempo Groovy Dance New Tune "Woman on the Moon" Feat Yung Bae!

No Stranger To Our Pages, rising pop kitten UPSAHL has returned with a up-tempo groovy dance new tune. Entitled, "Woman on the Moon", brought to us by producer Yung Bae. 

A described future funk musician and musical engineer, Yung Bae collaboration with UPSAHL is a melodically enchanting dancey affair that will get you swaying from left to right. 

It has just enough pulsating sonics and alluring beats. Where thee young songstress adds her sour cherry vocals to this wonderland sundae creating an unforgettable chorus. This will most definitely have your musical finger on the repeat button.

Yung Bae said the following about the project: “This song started out originally when UPSAHL sent over a bass line idea and vocals. From there I knew I wanted to make it as upbeat and funky as I could to match the energy that UPSAHL was bringing. My goal was to make summer come early!” 

A stupendous funky bass line and sparkly synths. We have to agree with monsieur Bae, summer has cme early! “Woman On The Moon” is a yummy modern disco number. The motif of the song is being hypnotically high from an individual’s touch. 

This follows up INYIM Media's preferred tracks of UPSAHL from 2020's '12345SEX', and most recently March 2021's enigmatic "STOP!". Without further ado. Dig out thee brand sparkling single "Woman on the Moon", a delicious bouncy, provocative vibration featured right below!

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