Allow Us To Re-Introduce You To Rising Rapstress Flo Milli As Featured In NEZ's Giddy-Hot New Tune "To The Money" Ft. 8AE!

No stranger to our pages. Rising Rapstress Flo Milli is featured in NEZ's giddy-hot new tune "To The Money" featuring 8AE. NEZ unleashed his brand sparkling new jam with the gruesome awesome twosome, Flo Milli and 8AE this merry month of blossoming, April of 2021.   

"To The Money" is a juggernaut monster fast-fuse tempo track intertwining the finessed mixture of house and hip hop. Produced by Nez himself.  It's reminiscent of Chicago house specifically. It's raucous rap sonics melds the upbeat noise that keeps us awake. 

Manifesting nothing but a high-energy party anthem. This tune has daddy long legs to keep a perfectly warm place on your dance playlist for 2021. A black collabo group pressing the refresh button on the history of Chi House music. Which should come to no surprise was commenced by the community themselves in the mid to late 1980s.  

Nez spilled the following about "To The Money," in a public statement: "Dance music is Black music. My goal is to bring that conversation back to the forefront. Coming from Chicago I’m very much inspired by the pioneers of house and techno. This track is very exciting for me because I had the opportunity to experiment with a new sound and bring on artists that I believe in - Flo Milli and 8ae."

Without further ado. Get into thee Flo Milli, NEZ, & 8AE groove. With INYIM Media latest hit parade. Accompanied with thee inescapable black and white musique video aesthetics for "To The Money" featured right below!

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