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Madonna's 1990 Groundbreaking "Express Yourself" Gets An Astounding HD-Remastered Makeover!

Madonna's Live Blond Ambition Tour circa 1990 featured groundbreaking "Express Yourself". Now it gets an astounding HD-Remastered makeover! 

Right off the pages of youtube grandness. "Express Yourself Live concert 90s footage is in 8K! It was and still is a fresh scoop of delicious sounding sleek ice cream delight. 

Written and produced by Madonna and fellow artist Stephen Bray who always collaborated on for Like a Prayer. The tune is a tribute to American funk and soul band Sly and the Family Stone.

This jazzy-snazzy uptempo dance-pop funk tune twith a phenomenal vivrant beat. The main inspiration behind the song is female empowerment, urging women never to go for second-best and to always express their inner feelings.

Scope out thee shiny new warm deliver brought to us by the song that exemplifies perfectly what a classy slice of 1990s throwack pop heaven is!

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