Allow Us To Introduce You To Saucy Duo, illyus & Barrientos And Their Splendid Banger, "Disco Hearts"!

Allow us to introduce you to the saucy duo, illyus & Barrientos, and their splendid banger, "Disco Hearts"! Featuring singing from musical artist Laura Davie. 

This inescapable tune from thee Scottish twosome melds impeccably with Laura's powerful, hair-raising, cut through the BS, majestic vocals. Production value at it's finest. Exquisitely made electronic dance musique to get your happy feet full of gasoline. 

The arrangement from verses to the bridges builds up, intertwining a catchy chorus. It's quite a mint choice for your Spotify/Soundcloud/iTunes playlist.

 A gem of a tune. Polished and finessed. Fit for a dance floor affair. House musique with disco passion. Get right and get ready to turn up. Without further ado. INYIM Media's latest hit parade features the bombastic, Slurpee-flavor kissed track ‘Disco Hearts’

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