Finest Musique News Of 2021 Thus Far! Aaliyah’s Estate Activates Her Official YouTube Account, Says "Coming In 2021"

The R&B queen and pioneer that is Aaliyah shall finally see the light of day once again. After years and years of being for most of the part left in the dark since her untimely passing in 2001. 

Aaliyah's estate seemed to obviously decide to keep her profile private. That is until now. Settling thee finest musique news of 2021 thus far. Aaliyah's official YouTube account was activated by her estate. 

On her IG account, it said "Coming in 2021" The official press release unleashed an endearing memo beside a photo of the songstress with the caption reading: “Thank you for all of your love and support. 

We are proud to announce that the Estate is now in control of the “Aaliyah” YouTube account. 2021 will the year of Aaliyah! See you all in the new year!” 

 Let's recall when her homestead record label aka Blackground Records founded by her uncle, Barry Hankerson. He notoriously owned all thee rights to her studio albums. 

The long since defunct label has kept the musical artwork under lock and key. 

So get ready carebears! Below you can catch all the yummy visual aesthetics: 


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