Allow Us To Reintroduce You To Our Pages, Dynamic Artists Buscabulla & Their Hypnotizing Jam “Ta Que Tiembla (Empress Of Remix)”!

Back in March, and most recently in August we've been having an outpour of Buscabulla delight with such enigmatic tunes like "NTE". Now courtesy of their latest single “Ta Que Tiembla” featuring Empress Of Remix. 

It's an electrifying upbeat blinding dance revolution. Frantic and delightfully full of giddy frenzy. It has what we are pioneering as roaring 20's nu-wave-electroclash. 

Let's reminiscent how is a very underrated genre of music that melds 1980s electro, new wave, and synth-pop. It has a dash of 1990s techno, a sprinkle of retro-style electropop, and electronic dance music. 

All these sounds emerged in the later 1990s and is often thought of as reaching its peak circa 2002/2003. Now the Puerto Rican darling twosome Buscabulla collaboration with LA-based, Honduran-American fellow creator, Empress Of, is a dreamy ginchy, dance wonderland. 

So wait no longer. Press play on all the boogie bouncing, for sure to inject happy feet fever into your bloodstream. With Buscabulla's “Ta Que Tiembla (Empress Of Remix)”


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