INYIM Media X-MAS Edition: Allow Us To Re-Introduce You To Darling Artist Elohim & Her Saucy Jam "Good Day Bad Day"!

Back in September, we featured spectacular artist Elohim artist, and her far-out jam "I'm Lost". Now the astoundingly outrageous producer and songwriter has unleashed a phenomenal original studio song/remix combo.

Elohim delivered yet another innovative fresh sonic. Courtesy of her single, "Good Day Bad Day". The evenly glorious entrancing remix was created by darling duo Snakehips. 

"Good Day Bad Day" has a genuine authentic lyrical thesis about the ups and downs humans journey through in life. As the chorus goes: “Today’s a good day, tomorrow’s a new day / If today’s a bad day, tomorrow’s a new day / We gotta celebrate, when we get a good day / If today’s a bad day, tomorrow’s a new day.” 

Infused with her signature intertwining of eclectic-eccentric frequencies and melodies. There are electronic, rock, indie-dance-pop influences. Injected into heavy basslines. The excellent remix adds an adrenaline powerfully-packed sour punch dance affair.
Press play on the saucy catchy stress-relieving  “Good Day Bad Day" featured right below.

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