Allow Us To Re-introduce You To Parquet Courts & Their Rowdy-Powerful Never Before Released Tune ‘Hey Bug’! To Coincide W/ A Livestream 10th-Anniversary Debut Celebration

Musicians Parquet Court has deliciously announced an upcoming virtual concert to coincide with their 10-year anniversary debut. Filmed at Brooklyn’s Pioneer Works. 

The anticipated Livestream shall unleash on December 10th. Parquet Courts’ debut gig actually happened on December 17th, 2010. So it's closer than close to the actual anniversary date. 

The virtual show taped live at the former Brooklyn DIY spot, Monster Island. There will also be unique archival clips and never before seen interviews with the group. 

 New-old single, “Hey Bug,” is a frantic joy of uptempo fast-paced sonics. A powerful blast from the past. Parquet Courts recorded the new single during the sessions for their 2014 record, Sunbathing Animal. 

Vocalist and guitarist A. Savage chit-chatted the following sentiments about the project: 

“If I remember correctly, it would have been recorded at Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn during the fall of 2013. We were working there with our pal Jonathan Schenke, who had recorded Light Up Gold, but this time in a studio rather than a practice space. We’d have been recording material for Tally All the Things That You Broke and Sunbathing Animal. Editing the sequence for a record is often a tough process, and when it’s over it’s typically such a relief that I’ll purge it from my memory entirely. And now I’m listening to ‘Hey Bug’ these seven years later and thinking what a cool song it is. That period was a frenzy of writing and I know it’s not the only unreleased song from that session.” 

The entire band continued in a statement: 

“Ten years ago our adventure began by playing our first show to virtually no one, and to celebrate we’ve decided to play a show to everyone, virtually.” 

Tickets for Parquet Courts - "On Time!" live concert & film are available now. Early bird price of $13.50. Later they shall be priced at $15. Another super-yummy incentive is there will be special merchandise available exclusively to ticket buyers.

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