OG Legend Dionne Warwick Comically Reacts Like Only She Can To Election Vote Counting Meme!

Thee eternal OG legend that is Dionne Warwick is one of those one-of-kind artists with immense talent and an even larger persona. 

Thee icon known for such hits as our preferred “Don't Make Me Over,” responded to a meme that went viral on Twitter in regards to the slow count during Election week. 

“Who’s counting these f–king votes? Dionne Warwick? Hurry up, hussies!!!” the meme said. The meme clip shows Dionne working as a cashier during her hilariously memorable stint on Celebrity Apprentice season 11 back in 2011. “lol, excuse me. 😂,” 

Dionne replied many days later. Perhaps a little late to the election week game, but in true le Diva fashion. An authentic queen is never late to the party, everyone else is simply early. This only contributed to the prior meme’s funniness. 

 Dig out all the silliness right below!


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