Allow Us To Re-Introduce You To Thee Super Far-Out Rock Bomb Group, TRAAMS & Their Tune “Intercontinental Radio Waves”!

Allow us to re-introduce you to thee super far-out rock bomb group, TRAAMS. The British alternative rock n rollers are back from a 5-year pause. Following their previous first single “The Greyhound.”

TRAAMS are really unleashing a lightning bolt of a banger. Their supersonic loud and necessary hard new track is entitled, “International Radio Waves”. The group had its warming in thee oven for quite a minute.

Recorded in France back in 2017, this ferocious rock up-tempo jam is a stadium anthem worthy number. Ready to electrify and speed up your speaker systems. The raw and vulnerable vocals add that saucy honey factor that completes this yummy tune.

The 3 gents, comprising of Adam, Stuart & Leigh have solidified one thing for sure after these years. “Intercontinental Radio Waves” is undeniably here. Fellow artist/director Stewart Armstrong is an animated feast of visuals. Influenced by China Miéville’s "The Last Days Of New Paris".

Without further ado. Get into thee TRAAMS groove with ItsNotYouItsMe Media latest hit parade. Thee inescapable juggernaut “Intercontinental Radio Waves”!


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