Press Play On Thee Ethereally Eye-Gasmic, New Daphne Guinness Musique Video ‘Heaven"!

Legendary heiress, designer, supermodel, everything, and anything that is genuinely eccentric and visionary, Daphne Guinness is back yall with new musique material! She just unleashed a brand new spanking musique video for her single entitled, “Heaven”. 

Shot and directed by her usual collaborative extraordinaire in his own right. The iconic-famed, art craftsman, David LaChapelle. The theme tells the romantic tale between a gal of a particular age and a young gent, played by a modern-day male supermodel. Daphne and her boy showcase ensemble galore, one right after the other in true Guimmess fashion. 

We'd have to say the best outfit came courtesy from played by the young male love interest who bare-buffed it most of the way. Their love manifest, while she stays the same age, but the gentleman continues to get older until he is near death at the closing of the musique video. She however stays till thee end. Caring and watching over him. 

The track is mid to calmer, fast-uptempo disco-inspired jam. It slides into your vision and hearing compatibilities quite impeccably. David LaChapelle, thee alluring goose said the following about the fresh new project out on the streets today: 

 “I really wanted to do something escapist. And this idea of an incredible romance, this impossible romance that you see in a movie and you see on TV growing up, and everybody like longs for; t’s the sort of romance that never dies.” spilling to Rollingstone. "Guinness sees the excess and otherworldliness in the video as a kind of metaphor for what’s going on now." 

 The queen of vision herself, Daphne poked in for a comment saying: "It feels like everything’s kind of deeply unstable. Especially in the West, with the idea of liberalism at large. It’s like some world-shaking underneath one’s feet.” 

There you have it folks and animals. Enough and eloquently said. Dig out thee powerfully lush and glorious musique video right below!

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