One Of Our Preferred Shows On Netflix "Never Have I Ever" Creator Genius Mindy Kaling "Could Die" Following "Queen'" Mariah Carey Noticed Her Mentioning The Launch Of Season 2!

Artist extraordinaire Mindy Kaling is a Lambily, one of Mariah Carey's die-hard followers. Well, Mindy's dreams came true when Mariah replied to her tweet in regards to the launch of Season 2's "Never Have I Ever". 

An underground hit and one of our current preferred comedy shows on Netflix! It all commenced when Kaling divulged, hot off the press, that season two is set to start production this November. "Let’s gooooooo!!!!!"  Kaling excitedly declared. 

Mariah has the "Golden E & E". Our nickname for those born with a high sensibility of golden ears & eyes production for the arts and entertainment. Just like Schitt's Creek, Sex Education, One Day At A Time, Kims Inconvenience, Santa Clarita Diet... Never Have I Ever finds like-minded-minds all around the planet, like us and you, rallying around this toddler show. 

Mariah is a like mind, who is a fan of the show. She retweeted Kaling's post and added, "Yassss!!!!!" along with 3-party emojis. This prompted Kaling to glowingly squeal about the connection saying, "Omg could I die, my queen noticed me". 

 Dig out thee endearing situation below!

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