Blissfully unphased Is Exactly How Adam Sandler’s Bulldog Bagel Joins In On Current Fleetwood Mac ‘Dreams’ Viral Hit! “Even Bagel knows Fleetwood Mac is the shit,” tweeted Sandler.

Adam Sandler's bulldog named Bagel is blissfully unphased while catching up with the current Fleetwood Mac “Dreams” viral hit. 

In thee endearingly silly new video uploaded on Adam's Twitter. Thee adorable canine demonstrates in a clip merrily strolling along in a field while in a daydream trance. 

Thee OG longboarder/Ocean Spray aficionado who launched thee wild viral sensation of "Dreams" has pretty much lock-downed the feel-right moment of 2020 thus far. 

 Dig out thee darling-delightful feature right below!

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