Design Of A Decade: It's Been 10 Yrs Since Alicia Keys & THAT Beyonce Duet Single Was Shelved Last Minute. She NOW Speaks On Thee Mythically Elusive ‘Put It In a Love Song’!

Design Of A Decade: It's been 10 yrs since Alicia Keys and THAT Beyonce duet single was shelved last minute. She NOW speaks on thee mythically elusive ‘Put It In a Love Song’!

Thee musique video was infamously shot and completed in Brazil. Both young-legends looked impeccable. Alicia Keys has always dodged thee question throughout the years.

 Even this time around she still quite a bit dodgy but beggars can't be choosers. And our Pop goblet needs a replenishing throwback like ‘Put It In a Love Song. It's not only a monster hit but it's those once in a lifetime collaborations. Catchy in your face melodies. Whiplashing hooks and verses along with bridges to die for.

It was produced by Alicia's hubby Swizz Beatz. It was an intended 4th single off Alicia's 4th studio effort entitled, ‘Element of Freedom’. It was visually produced by the one and only Melina Matsouka

Now that Keys is on her never-ending but well-deserved promo social distanced tour in support of her seventh record ‘ALICIA.’

Dig out thee enticing video interview clip right below.

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