ItsNotYouItsMe Media "Back To The Future" Celebrates Mariah Carey's New Memoir About Her Past W/ Late Night Comedian King Stephen Colbert!

ItsNotYouItsMe Media "Back To The Future" Celebrates Mariah Carey's New Memoir About Her Past With Late Night Comedian King Stephen Colbert!

"Mariah Carey called into The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday night (Sept. 28) to dish all about writing her new memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey.

Acknowledging Carey as the "undisputed queen of Christmas," Colbert kicked off the interview by bringing up the commotion the legend caused last week when she abruptly tweeted "THANKSGIVING IS CANCELLED" to her millions of Lambs.

"Listen, if it comes down from on high, that means Thanksgiving is cancelled. Did you realize you'd throw people into such a panic?" he quipped, before ceding the floor over to the icon.

"No! I have to tell you, that's a chapter in my book," Carey explained. "And I just tweeted that as sort of a little teaser for the fans because there's an actual story attached to it. Somebody literally said that to me, like, 'I just want you to know...Thanksgiving is cancelled.'

"And I was like, who's telling Frank Perdue? How are we gonna get through this? We gotta return all the turkeys!" she continued with a laugh.

The late night host, then pressed the singer for what the true meaning of Mariah Carey actually is, as referenced by the title of her long-awaited memoir. "Without getting too deep, it's a constant quest to understand the meaning of ourselves and what's meaningful to us," she said before revealing that it took her three years to pen the tome, something she's wanted to do since she was pregnant with Dem Babies nearly a decade ago.

"It's been a cathartic experience," Mimi added. "There's a lot of fun stuff but it's a lot about really, I wanted to just emancipate that little girl that I was before anybody ever heard of me as a professional singer. So that's hopefully what I've done here."" -

During the chat, the superstar also spilled more tea on the revelation that she secretly recorded an alternative rock album for kicks with rock band Chick at the height of her Daydream era in the mid-'90s.

"Yeah, when I was doing 'One Sweet Day' and 'Fantasy' and all these very quite different songs, but that is my artwork," she said, pointing out the angsty cover art for Someone's Ugly Daughter.

"It was for laughs, I did it for laughs," Carey continued. "And because it was such a popular genre at the time, and I was like, 'Well, I have a full band here. Let's just do something and I'll just make up some nonsense and sing."

Carey then dropped the bombshell that she even filmed a video for the alternative project, but that "that got stifled by certain people at the label."

Watch Mariah's full interview with Colbert, including more on "All I Want For Christmas Is You" hitting No. 1 after 25 years, below.

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