Our Favorite Pop Kitten, Zella Day Serves A Majestic Ethereal New Musique Video 'Only A Dream'!

Our breakout pop kitten of 2020, Zella Day, has has unleashed yet another spectacular, razzle-dazzle of a number entitled  'Only A Dream'.

As majestic, magical and silky smooth as her vocal sonics. Zella songwrite takes us on a psychedelia caravan of ballad bliss.

Off thee brand new spanking' EP 'Where Does The Devil Hide', 'Only A Dream' is rollercoaster of ethereal enthralling pleasantry.

Impeccable for that signature soundtrack song that can set the tone for an entire film. Or a midsummers night cruise around town or strolling along the beach. This dreamsicle shining shimmering melodic groove is a genre of wanderlust music.

Zella has really spun an old love tale into a new age modern beautiful story. Shot around the surroundings of Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California. Miss Day had the following to spill about thee project:

“There are times we must bury our broken hearts in the garden so that spring can do the work we cannot do ourselves. Living in the memory of what was eventually becomes a memory in itself. The years grow like flowers and the faint scent of love hangs low so that we may remember all of those we wish not to forget.”

Dig out thee zephyring, yummy sunny musique video 'Only A Dream' featured right below!

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