Allow Us To Introduce You To Crickets And Their Yummy Pulsating Hard-Feeling Tune ‘Elastic’!

Allow us to introduce you to a new phenomenal hard-hitting group Crickets featuring  Le Tigre’s JD Samson and Roddy Bottum from Faith No More. Thee electric far-out super delectable trio as consists of Michael O’Neill.

He was also a part of another one of our favorite JD fronted power groups known as MEN. Releasing such fiery hits "Back Off Our Backs" unleashed back in 2010 Their self-titled debut record is due out in July 17th courtesy of Muddguts.

Crickets created this project with producer Miles Robinson, and Ben Greenberg. “Elastic,” is a supercharged juggernaut hit complete with electro-synth rowdy sonics. Reaching a fever pitch dancey wondrous vibration. "Elastic" is sure enough to get you shaking Amuck!

Crickets had the following to say about thee upcoming enigmatic art-piece they've been manifesting:

"The simplicity and the bare bones with which we afforded ourselves in the process of writing and recording were key to the overall project. We went out of our way to limit ourselves to the bare necessities of tools and voices, and then stripped it down even further to achieve a barren and isolated effect. The music is addressing a need in the three of us to simplify and creatively explore the option of making music without the excess of presence of a masculine toxicity in expression and in the studio."

Without further ado. Get into thee "Crickets" groove. With ItsNotYouItsMe latest hit parade. Thee high adrenaline, rockin' alternative crowd surf worthy uptempo track, "Elastic"!


MEN's 2010 tune "Off Our Backs".

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