Zara Larsson Unleashes A Spectacular & Her Best Yet Music Video Of Her Career With New Single "Love Me Land"

Zara Larsson has literally shook up the pop world something we haven't seen since Gaga's & Ariana's duet a few months back. But quickly as it arrived, the spring season vanished all the same along with the song. Now while humanity is in the middle of summer (here on thee northern hemisphere that is), Zara took it upon herself to conjure up and produce a phenomenal musique video during a global crisis pandemic. "Love Me Land." is a wonderland of moody razzle-dazzle, transparent stylish aesthetics.

"Love Me Land" is Zara's first official solo offering of 2020. For many years we've scratched our brains as to why Larsson has never had success in the states? She's had a couple minor hits but just as a featured vocalist. But now with this spellbinding explosive new visual project. Its safe to say that Zara's come for that 2020 Song of the Summer crown. Zella day, Kim Petras, and Declan Mckenna must all step up their pop game.

Zara has said the following about the manifestation of the song during thee entire process of the making: "It was the last song that I wrote for the album. I wrote it one day before the quarantine came and everything closed down in L.A. ... I wrote it with Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels, who are responsible for like, pretty much all the best pop songs. The song is kind of a lot, and I wanted the video to be kind of a lot too, but at the same time, keep it expensive, keep it very stylish."

She continued to spill about "Love Me Land" saying: "It's a place in your mind or in your heart where you feel like I can love again, like I can be free, I can be myself, I can express myself. I feel like the video is a representation of that."

We urge you musique carebears to not wait another single minute on pressing play on this mesmerizing piece of pop masterpiece. All by her lonesome self. With no dancers, extras, band backup or any other fluff and smoking mirrors. Just her and her talented self. As we have for years and continue to show unwavering support. Here is the latest. Zara Larsson's electric-sleek "Love Me Land" featured right below.

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