Allow Us To Introduce You Too Declan McKenna's Groovy-Delightful Radiant Uptempo ‘Beautiful Faces’ The Skream Remix!

Allow us to introduce you too Declan McKenna's groovy-delightful radiant uptempo tune, Beautiful Faces (The Skream Remix)! Hailing from thee ethereal skies of England. Thee youngin' pop singer songwriter, and all around musician, unleashed his stellar lead single from his second studio record entitled, "Zeros".

Recorded in Nashville Tennessee, "Beautiful Faces" has thee cutie patootie dreamboat singer depicting it as, “a brave new anthem for doomed youth” and a song “about young people in the young people in the modern world and how intimidating it can be. How scary it is to see so much and feel as though you’re doing so little.”

McKenna also says: “I wanted it to be a big song…Scary big. It very much relates to now, but I wanted to reimagine social media in this future-sphere where it has become even more immersive so that we cannot see where it ends and we begin.”

Dig out all thee yummy wondrous electric aesthetics which were directed by Will Hooper.

Without further ado. Get into thee Declan McKenna's groove with ItsNotYouItsMe latest hit parade. Thee dancey uptempo, ear-candy-gasm "Beautiful Faces" (The Skream Remix) featured right below!

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