Allow Us To Introduce You To Stellar Groovy Artist Ric Wilson & His Fiery Funkin' Tune “Fight Like Ida B & Marsha P”!

Allow us to introduce you to stellar groovy artist Ric Wilson and hisfiery funkin' tune, “Fight Like Ida B & Marsha P”. In all of it's glorious and euphoric disco heaven. Inspired and named after Ida B. Wells and American gay liberation activist and phenomenal drag queen Marsha P. Both iconic earthlings deservingly so of such a tribute.

Ric Wilson who hails from thee ethereal skies of Chicago, sings in what is one of our preferred portions of the song, “Why they steady punching down, they don’t want to see us up”. Ric unleashed along with a lengthy thread on Twitter about how Black gals are fighting the good fight against inequality.

“when I think about next level courage to ball your fist up & look Patriarchy, racist,sexism, homophobia & transphobia right in the eye & fight against it, I feel like blk folk like Ida B Well and Marsha P Johnson are of the bravest of us all. and if ima fight any injustice I wanna have the courage of blk queer & femme freedom fighters like them. I believe the liberation of black womxn and black trans womxn lead to the liberation of all black people.

“As it’s pride month and officially BLM Uprising part 2 I encourage people to study past movement that were jump start or organized by Black Women, LGBTQAI & Non Binary folks. I encourage people to also study the History of policing and prisons here in the US & the laws made to keep Blk and Queer folk suppressed in this country for over 450 years. If we focus and start understanding the “why”, we will longer waste time arguing on the “what.””

Without further ado. Get into thee Ric Wilson groove with ItsNotYouItsMe hit parade. Thee pulsating enigmatic, pound the alarm worthy song, “Fight Like Ida B & Marsha P” featured right below!

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