Summer Vibes: Romeo + Juliet

"Who isn’t still feeling the 90’s revival thanks to The Last Dance? Summer 1996 the Bulls just won the NBA Title, Pokémon overtook the world, Macarena finally became a worldwide hit and the MTV kids just found a style icon in the pre-Titanic Leonardo DiCaprio.

Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 Romeo & Juliet had the summer’s hottest young stars and soundtrack that placed it almost immediately in pop-culture history. At the time, we never saw anything like it before, it easily could have passed for a music video, it was after all the height of MTV and TRL before there was social media or Youtube.

Today Romeo + Juliet is firmly part of the style Bible thanks to the visual language that was created in Luhrmann’s world. Carhartt WIP has reimagined the consistently cool Hawaiian shirt from the film in deliciously flamboyant prints for this summer. The prints themselves bring out the melting pot of Miami, Mexico City, and LA substituting for Verona with an undeniable Latin feel. To get the full Romeo look while running around crashing parties and cruising in big Jeeps with your friends, go for a bold oversized Hawaiian shirt paired with baggy cargo pants, disheveled neon hair, Converse, and oversized accessories." -

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