ItsNotYouItsMe "Come Thru Tuesday Vocals" Features Electric Saucy Uptempo Tune By LA Priest. Plus Stellar Dance Single, Yousef & Gorgon City Feat. EVABEE!

ItsNotYouItsMe "Come Thru Tuesday Vocals" features electric saucy uptempo tune by LA Priest. Plus stellar dance single, Yousef and Gorgon City featuring EVABEE!

“With the new album GENE out this Friday, LA Priest has just shared the video for new track “Rubber Sky”. The new track is a slice of cosmic-laden funk from LA Priest which reflects on his solitary approach to creating music, acting somewhat aptly as a “loner anthem”. “Rubber Sky” also sees GENE (the custom built drum machine) coming to life, being used to its full potential.

Self-filmed at home in The Shed during the UK lockdown the video for “Rubber Sky” is an eye-opening look into the psychedelic world of LA Priest. Seeing him perform alongside a giant replica of the GENE drum machine, LA Priest takes us behind the curtain of The Shed where he builds his machines, writes and performs live streamed events.

To celebrate the album release on Friday, LA Priest will also be performing “Live From The Shed” via a Veeps live stream. Along with the hits, LA Priest will be playing GENE in full. Information and links to the show can be found below."

                   Yousef & Gorgon City "Take Free Yourself" Featuring EVABEE!

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