ItsNotYouItsMe "Come Thru Thursday Vocals" Features Stellar Tune's From Charli XCX. Plus Dancey Bangin' Artist, Laura Bettinson!

ItsNotYouItsMe "Come Thru Thursday Vocals" features stellar tune's from Charli XCX. Plus dancey bangin' artist, Laura Bettinson!

"Pink Diamond (stylized on lowercase as "pink diamond") is a song by Charli XCX. The track is the intro from her fourth studio album How I'm Feeling Now, produced by Dijon. The song was firstly teased on April 29th, 2020, when she tweeted that she wanted to make a song by the title of "Pink Diamond". The next day, she confirmed that a song by that title will be on the album.

On May 5th, Charli played three snippets of the song, one with vocals only, a demo, and the instrumental. On May 9th, she shared another snippet of the song, and the next day, another one, of the second half of the song.

On May 14th, she said on Apple Music: “Dua Lipa asked me to do an Apple Music interview for the At Home With series with her, Zane [Lowe] and Jennifer Lopez. [...] On the call, J. Lo was telling this story about meeting Barbra Streisand, and Barbra talking to her about diamonds. At that time, J. Lo had just been given that iconic pink diamond by Ben Affleck. I instantly thought, ‘Pink Diamond is a very cute name for a song,’ and wrote it down on my phone. I immediately texted Dua afterwards and said, ‘Oh my god, she mentioned the pink diamond!’ A few days later, Dijon sent me this really hard, aggressive and quite demonic demo called ‘Makeup On’, and I felt the two titles had some kind of connection." -

Hotly tipped talent Laura Bettinson is rapidly becoming one of 2020’s breakthrough artists under her newly minted lau.ra moniker, adding to her existing credentials as one part of alternative electronic act, Ultraísta with Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich and her own alt-pop alias FEMME. Her previous single ‘Sideways’ on Needwant received support from Mixmag which was named one of their ‘Big Tunes’ and continuous support from BBC6 Music.

For her latest single, lau.ra joins forces with East London singer-songwriter Nova, also known as Nova Newland, a performer with a distinctive, gender-defying voice who featured on Laura’s 2018 FEMME record ‘Be Shy’, and a stellar remix from Cousn." -

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