Allow Us To Introduce You To Spectacular Stellar Singer Zella Day & Her Groovy Hypotonic Tune "My Game"

Allow us to introduce you to spectacular stellar singer Zella Day. Her groovy hypotonic tune "My Game"  has the right moves and melodic sonics.

Feeling like you're running around a 1960s mod and 70s disco wonderland. It's fresh and vivrant modern beat sets this psychedelic retro vibe into full intertwining of futuristic sounds.  Off her EP entitled, Where Does the Devil Hide brought to us via  Easy Eye Sound/Concord Records.

The Black Keys’ brilliant guitarist and vocalist Dan Auerbach helmed thee project as producer. Where Does the Devil Hide is set for a August 28th release.  A setlist recordings of five tunes comprised in just as little as four days. A musical journey that has our musical paws high in the sky in anticipation.

Zella spilled thee following words in a public statement about the work of art:

“It’s its own microcosm of music.“‘My Game’ is nothing like ‘People are Strangers,’ which is nothing like ‘Purple Haze.’ There’s a little something for everybody and a little something for myself, to set myself up for success. It’s about playing the music and being excited to experience the highs and lows, the mountains and the valleys of the subject matter, so that when I’m playing the music live, there are shifts in the energy and dynamics that I can get lost in.”

She continued saying what it was like working with Dan Auerbach:

“Dan is an inspiration. He was an inspiration to me before I met him, and he is forever going to be a pivotal and monumental relationship in my life. He acted as a channel for me to make the kind of music that I have been aching to make for a long time, especially coming off of Kicker, which was more pop oriented.”

Without further ado. Get into thee Zella Day groove. With ItsNotYousItsMe latest hit parade. Thee sensational and feverishly addicting starburst-filled single “My Game”, featured right below!

I couldn’t be more proud to present “My Game” to all who dream in a disco fever. Sweet emotion letting this one lose on the town. @easyeyesound I wish we could all gather round and toast to our monster of a song 💫. To every person involved in this project, you are the heart beat that brought this vision to life. I love you and I thank you. Music by: Zella Day, in collaboration with Dan Auerbach Art Director: @kaimankazazian Executive Producer & Director: @el_mustachios Co-Executive Producer: @jessitichenor Director of Photography: @thisisdannel Costume Designer: @tiffaniraestyles Production Designer: @molliewartelle Hair and makeup: @sashaborax @heatherroseharris Editor: @gianennio Color: @bryansmaller Co-starring: @imnude Featuring Performances by: @mia__rae, @yanayatsuk, @alliebuckley, @vaudevillebb and @stephaniekimkim Courtesy of: Easy Eye Sound and Concord Records
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