Alicia Keys Spills Some Ahh-Juicy Tale How She Almost Became A Member of 3LW!

Alicia Keys spills some AHH-JUICY tale about how she almost became a group member of 2000s r&b/pop 3LW!  Thee multi-grammy champion and genius writer, unleashed this yummy detail  during Wired‘s Autocomplete interview. Being that we here at the offices have always been supporters of the gals 3LW and even ride more die hard for Alicia. This news titillates us quite.
This is what Keys said about what coulda happened before her solo debut:

“My second band that I was in, was kind of like one of these projects that are put together by people, and they heard I sang and they were like ‘oh, maybe you could be a part of it’…it didn’t work out with me, but eventually they came out. I think their name was Little Women, but I was never part of that.”

3LW was comprised of Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams and Naturi Naughton. The vocalists would debut with the smash tune “No More (Baby I’ma Do Right)” in 2000. As Alicia came around the corner debuting with her classic hit “Fallin’” in 2001!

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