Toss the Tux: A Groom’s Alternative to the Classic Black Tuxedo

Today’s groom – just like the bride – does not need to follow convention. The world is open when it comes to celebrating your love with a wedding that reflects the personal voice, style, and story of the happy couple. This includes your attire as a groom! It might seem like the options begin and end with a black tuxedo, but that is not true.

We have some of the best alternatives right here for the modern groom. So, if you toss the tux, what do you wear? Let’s find out!

Kill it in a Kilt
For couples with Irish or Scottish heritage, turning to this traditional attire is perfectly acceptable. Couples can even find tartan prints in family colors! There are several sites providing kilt rentals for grooms and their groomsmen, check out Kilts n Stuff to start! Kilts are a great way to celebrate your wedding and tie in family heritage as well.

All-White Wear
The classic black tux look has been done a million times, but what about an all-white tuxedo? Switching out the black garb for white dress pants and jacket is a way to brighten the groom’s look and works well for weddings in warm climates. It worked for Gucci Mane at his 2017 wedding to Keyshia Ka’oir!

Suit Up in Three Pieces
If you want a clean-cut look without the formalities, try a three-piece suit. It is not as formal as the tuxedo, but it is more likely to be worn more than once. It can come in a few different material options with a silk suit or black wool material appearing the dressiest. A grey or navy suit in linen or cotton fabric will give a relaxed look and works well with leisurely beach weddings.

Vivacious Velvet Tuxedo
If you want a groom look that is colorful and boisterous next to a class black look, try a velvet tuxedo jacket. This option works well with winter or late fall weddings and comes in a softer silhouette than a traditional jacket. You can often find velvet jackets in navy, hunter green, and burgundy, all warm, vibrant colors. Just keep a lint roller on hand!

Patterns and Pinstripes
This option allows the groom to be playful and find something that matches their personality. It can be subtle pinstripes or retro-inspired patterns. It will combine style and tradition in an outfit no one will soon forget. If your groom is anything but ordinary, look at this option for the big day. Plus, when styled right, the jacket can be worn with dress pants or jeans on another occasion.

Vest Only
If your wedding is casual, try ditching the blazer altogether. An outdoor or country wedding is the perfect place for a tailored shirt and simple hip vest. Grooms can spice this look up with fun suspenders and bow ties for flair. A casual groom can even give this look more air with rolled-up sleeves and open collars, demonstrating how at-ease they are with their big day.

Double-Breasted Suit
A luxe, tailored suit is always an excellent choice for men uncomfortable in a tuxedo. Some grooms go for double-breasted suits, which give off a retro vibe. These suits have to be fitted correctly, but when they are, a very fashionable groom emerges.

Military Dress
This look depends on the service status of the groom. For those who have served or currently serve in the military, dress uniform is dapper and captivating. We do recommend changing into something a little more comfortable for the reception, though!

Gone are the days where the groom needed a black tuxedo and nothing more. These days, the groom is free to be as creative as the bride and can find an outfit that is creative and reflects the wedding vibe. There are plenty of options out there, so get to shopping!

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