ItsNotYouItsMe "Come Thru Tuesday Vocals" Features Electric Saucy Uptempo Tune By C. TANGANA. Plus Stellar Hottie Rapper Named, Queen Key!

ItsNotYouItsMe "Come Thru Tuesday Vocals" features Electric Saucy uptempo tune by C. TANGANA. Plus stellar hottie rapper named, Queen Key!

“After sharing what a woman might be feeling in a destructive relationship on "Nunca Estoy," C. Tangana is providing the other half in his second single "Guille Asesino." This heavy handed response has a much more percussive feel to it as he vents about being used and thrown aside once he was taken advantage of. In an email, he explained: "What adults valued when we were little kids or what was supposed to provoke or get a woman’s attention in our adolescent years are behaviors and attitudes that are no longer of value today."

The Diana Kunst-directed video follows the rise and downfall of the lustful relationship with images that melt into each other and provoke ties to Renaissance art that perpetuate what a relationship should be built upon. Kunst also relayed in the email: "My intention was to make the viewer see and question our behavior without judging that so quickly. My purpose was to showcase and make you become aware of the religious, political and social factors that we have subliminally inherited and in turn have influenced our lives." "Guille Asesino" will be on C. Tangana's upcoming Bien :( project which will be out on May 14."-

                   Queen Key's tune "Take Yo Man" featuring Tay Money

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