ItsNotYouItsMe "Come Thru Thursday Vocals" Features Saucy Hypnotic Tune By Songstress Remi Wolf! Plus, Stellar-Supa Sonics From Imanbek & Martin Jensen!

ItsNotYouItsMe "Come Thru Thursday Vocals" fFeatures saucy hypnotic tune by songstress Remi Wolf! Plus, stellar-supa sonics from Imanbek and Martin Jensen!

“I played this song and it happened… yes, I did it. I'll admit it. I danced around my room, alone, like I was 12 again and I have NO shame in it. Today Bay Area royalty, Remi Wolf, has released her latest record "Photo ID," and it is the hyper beat, groove tune we needed on this beautiful Thursday of quarantine.

To further bring her colorful world to life, Wolf released an incredible 3D animated music video, directed by Agusta Yr. Wolf spoke further on the video, sharing,

"I love this video. Just a straight up dancing vibe. I included the mask because we made this video in quarantine and I felt the mask is kind of this universal thing at the moment. We all now know that exact feeling of going outside with a mask. All the other versions of me are dancing indoors, which I thought was important because the reality of modern dance parties is that you gotta do that shit yourself! This video is all about letting go, escaping reality a bit, and getting your booty wiggling!"

We've been following Wolf since her release of her debut EP You're a Dog in 2019, and it's been amazing to see her develop as an artist - her LA show opening for Cautious Clay was one no one could forget. From her discography of joy-inducing songs to the way she just owns the stage in front of large crowds, this artist is burning her way to the top with some intense heat.

"Booty wiggling" is a great way to destress from the current uncertainty of today's world. Get up and dance around your room to "Photo ID" today.

Listen to "Photo ID" below:"-

"Hot on the heels of Imanbek’s stratospheric remix of SAINt JHN’s ‘Roses’ that has been streamed in excess of over 400 million times, he joins fellow success story Martin Jensen for ‘I’m Just Feelin’ (Du Du Du)’.

In their first collaboration, ‘I’m Just Feelin’ (Du Du Du)’ unveils itself as a sure-fire hit, enlisting a brooding take on deeper house, the track opens with a sensual vocal musing “Treat Me Like I’m The Baddest Of Them All…” and an earworm of a melody that will imprint itself into your psyche. As the track swells to its chorus, cavernous sweeps of bass reverberate for delectable pads and glistening keys to punctuate through before the soaring topline takes over, “Du Du Du” looping atop the delectable house anthem. ‘I’m Just Feelin’ leans towards a swelling, club-ready release that also retains a radio-ready, pop sensibility with ease and stellar production from the pairing.

With billions of streams between them, Imanbek and Martin Jensen are sure to bring even more in with this surefire hit. Hopefully it’s not the last time these talents collide." -

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