Allow Us To Introduce You To Jade Hairpins And Their Far-Out Stellar Ditty “(Don’t Break My) Devotion”

Allow us to introduce you to Jade Hairpins! Thee former members of Fucked Up thee Canadian punkers hailing from the blue skies of Toronto, Ontario. Mike Haliechuk who jazzed out guitar and vocals alongside his mate Jonah Falco (drums & vocals). Have unleashed a far-out stellar ditty entitled “(Don’t Break My) Devotion”.

Thee collaborative project is quite electrifying in all its sonics and upbeat vibrations. This new side endeavor from Jonah and Mike will follow in suit with their debut album, "Harmony Avenue". The new tune "(Don’t Break My) Devotion,” has all the grit and powerful juggernaut appeal that'll have you dreaming in a state of dancing heaven. that breaks out into some fevered shoutalongs.

Jonah Falco said the following about the lyrical thesis and overall project:

“A puppeteer-puppet relationship in the grips of a complete failure to communicate, “(Don’t Break My) Devotion” is the anthem of having your patience tried. The power of suggestion, the shortcomings of language, and the laughter of the body get kneaded together in stops and starts as your train of thought gets derailed and your dance steps cease to add up.”

Without further ado get into thee "Jade Hairpins" groove with ItsNotYouItsMe latest hit parade. Thee alluring and inescapable dance escapade “(Don’t Break My) Devotion”!

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