The Last Dance Off-Court Fashion during the Bulls Dynasty

"There was a time when Jordan’s legend status was still wet, but his last season with the Bulls 97-98 cemented his status. Before Iverson shaped the NBA fashion that got squashed by the league, Jordan also made an imprint that was more than iconic shoes. Jordan’s 90s baggy suit power dressing was the perfect anecdote to teammate Rodman.

Dennis today is celebrated as before his time style visionary, but back in the day, Jordan was the hottest on the block. It wasn’t all bucket hats off-court, Scottie Pippen goes down in NBA fashion history for trucker hats and overalls like on a Mid-west mission!" -

The 10-part documentary has been hyped and highly anticipated by basketball fans and boasts lots of never before seen footage. Jordan had a reputation for being ruthless on and off-court along with a temper that paired his hyper-competitive personality that we saw again with Kobe. Jordan has rarely given us an unfiltered glimpse, but his personality has been commented and dissected for years by journalists. Jordan’s story includes how racism played a role in his motivation for success, gambling, the murder of his father, and a desire to win at all costs.

Former teammate Steve Kerr and coach of Golden State Warriors said: “To really see it up close, to see the impact he’s had on the game, to see not only the physical but the mental and emotional dominance he carried with him on the court every single game, it’ll be really interesting.”

Today, sneakerheads try to get their hands on vintage gear and Nike re-issues, and there’s a reason for it, he was simply killing it on the court. Heres a nostalgic look at the off-court fashion during those Bulls Dynasty years:

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