Sing To Us The Song Of The Stars Mandy Moore! Watch Miss M Sing Underground Soundtrack Classic 'Only Hope' Live for First Time In 16 Years!

Mandy Moore unleashed a super astounding surprise during her live streaming at home concert show.  She sang to us the song of the stars. Thee underground iconic soundtrack classic song “Only Hope,” from her 2002 film A Walk to Remember.

Mandy has actually rarely ever performed this tune live in general. Besides the  movie version and random concert stint in the Philippines. But all in all it's been 16 years since the last time. And 18 years from when the film originally was released.

Its an impeccable ballad with rich inviting euphoric fantasy ideals. A love game that knows no other winner than love itself. Mandy soars in her replenishing soothy plush twinkling vocals. Taking each step drenche in exiquiste vibratos and pure raw intention.

During the live recording at home. Mandy and her hubba-man Taylor Goldsmith took to Instagram Live and delivered a riveting acoustic guitar rendition. Miss M&M also dropped some more tea revealing she'll sing the song on her following tour setlist.

Dig out all the beautiful 2000s nostalgia right below!

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