ItsNotYouItsMe "Album Spin" - The Strokes Are Back In Action Sounding Like Their Stellar Selves On 'The New Abnormal' Record!

The Strokes are officially baacccckkkk! Sounding like their stellar selves on their freshly unraveled 6th record, "The New Abnormal". This comes on the heels of their last full-length effort, "The Comedown Machine" released back in 2013.

The album has a sweet 'n' saucy 9 song setlist. This of course features their first batch of baked delights with previously released singles "At the Door," and "Bad Decisions". Thee overall production comes courtesy of thee enchanting and enigmatic talented, Rick Rubin. Pardon our french. Did we say talented? We meant genius.

The NYC boys jammed out their stellar sonics at Rubin's infamous Shangri-La Studios in Malibu, Cali. Thee exquisite cover art of the album is a painting from neo-expressionist extraordinaire Jean-Michel Basquiat. The masterpiece is known as, "Bird on Money."

Thee opening track itself  "The Adults Are Talking" opens with a funky uptempo rock n roll classic Stokes signature sound. Thee versatility that later ensues on the following tracks are straight wicked wonderful.

A complete body of delicious work cohesively woven' into a splendid rock n roll heavenly palace. Per usual, we have attached our preferred tracks off thee stellar new effort. You will find summer breeze beats and intense guitar melodies which as always compliment lead singer, Julian Casablancas, unique sexy vocal stylings.

Track number #5 “Eternal Summer” is a perfect example of all that.  An impeccable euphoric groovy mid-tempo sound bowtied with a contemporary psychedelic feel. Their signature early 2000s sound also takes flight on such tracks as “Selfless”.

Get into thee, ItsNotYouItsMe album spin groove! Press play right below on all the shining shimmering glimmering splendid sounds from the one and only, icons of millenial garage alt-rock, The Strokes!


"0:13 heart in a cage
3:32 you only live once
6:41 modern age
10:21 new york city cops
14:11 under control
17:14 hard to explain
21:58 I can't win
24:50 on the other side
31:24 Reptilla
35:45 Meet me in the bathroom
39:45 razorblade
43:22 Alone Together
47:07 What Ever Happened?
50:16 Soma
53:48 Someday
59:50 Is this It
1:02:24 Juicebox
1:05:55 Last Nite."

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