ItsNotYouItsMe "Album Spin" - Dua Lipa Just Awoke Thee Studio 54-Spirit Animal In Us On Her New Album ‘Future Nostalgia’

Dua Lipa has landed on planet earth once again polishley with so much future finesse on her new sophmore album Future Nostalgia. Thee title track itself opens with a funky flirty pop essence. The  versatility that later ensues on thee following tracks is straight  wicked wonderful. This new album easily sets her apart from the rest of the kids still trying their shot in the pop playground.

It's her Xtina "Stripped", meets Kylie Minogue's "X", Hilary Duff's "Dignity" with a spoonful of  Madonna's first self-titled album

Future Nostalgia is a complete body of delicious work cohesively woven' into a splendid disco palace. The force of upbeat nature sets its sights on unraveling quite a new class list of classic albums.

Per usual, we have attached our preferred tracks off thee stellar dance effort. You will find disco beats and intense basslines. “Hallucinate” is a perfect example of all that.  An impeccable house euphoric club feel. While 1980s pop-synth is found on tunes like “Break My Heart” and "Physical".

"Love Again" is an inescapable gem of a jam. Paws down our favorite song of thee entire set. "Love Again" is a sample of 1997 hit tune by White Town called “Your Woman.” Then of course there are brain stickers that'll be humming in your eardrums for months to come like "Pretty Please" and "Good Bed".

Only if you're truly ready to get your Studio 54 dance on. Press play right below on all the shining shimmering glimmering splendid sounds from the one and only, youngin' queen of pop, Dua Lipa!

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