Dig Out Alice Bag & Her Yummy Punk Rock Pulsating New Tune "Spark"!

In an age of forced and trying too hard artists, exquisite punk rock 'n' roller Alice Bag has unleashed a whiplashing tune entitled, "Spark". From our neck of the woods of Los Angeles.

Thee rambunctious fiery  songstress sings it best when she says, "And even when I tried to be normal, I always missed the mark/Hell no, i'm not dimming my spark (your not taking my spark).

Alice is releasing a new record "Sister Dynamite",  thee official follow-up to her last effort, 2018's Blueprint. “Spark,” is a pulsating quick sure firestarter with a thematic lyrical thesis of individuality and thee refusal to be brought down to your knees.

Miss Alice Bag had thee following to spill about thee saucy musique video:

"For the “Spark” music video, I reached out to director Rudy Bleu Garcia, who along with Hex Ray Sanchez run Club SCUM, a favorite nightclub/performance space for queer punks in East LA. In the early days of SCUM, Rudy invited me to do a DJ set with Allison Wolfe. The turntables were in a tiny backstage area which also served as the queens’ dressing room.

 I literally bumped into Vander Von Odd in that little space and was immediately smitten by this beautiful, charming queen. I’m honored that Vander agreed to star in this music video. The queerest of the queer, Dragula season 1 winner, Vander truly embodies the message of the song. Except for the mouth breathing part, that’s just about me."

Dig out all the sassy rock 'n' rolling, musical eliquir right below!

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