Allow Us To Introduce You To Waze & Odyssey vs Tommy Theo's Stellar-Banger "Always"!

London- badass gentlemen Waze & Odyssey collaborated with Dutch genius Tommy Theo on their recent tune.

The group has truly unleashed a saucy stellar banger of a tune with the release of "Always".  A dance floor ready number that exalts in disco-house dance heaven. An escapade to escapism in masters class of reworking Pop classics.

Waze & Odyssey vs Tommy Theo single has unleashed courtesy of Ministry of Sound and Last Nite Records. Thee lyrical thesis' to “Always” spotlight a hypnotic piano house vibe zapped around a George Michael and Mary J Blige iconic and timeless cover of a Stevie Wonder masterpiece.

Thee original 1999 cover was an exciting communion of two juggernaut vocal prodigies coming together. We can remember like it was just yesterday. Now fast forward 21 years later. “Always” compliments it's predecessors simply with magic and Magnifique! The quality of production and play on duality is a whipped cream filled wonderland injected with enough sonic boom to ignite a dancing fury.

Waze & Odyssey and Tommy Theo have an inescapable kick drum and looped in repeat impeccably building rising verse tension bowtied into a glorious chorus ensemble. A solid dynamic pairing is had in all aspects of this project. The duo Waze & Odyssey and Tommy Theo are entrancing and true craftsmen of today's house dance music.

Get into thee ”Always” groove with ItsNotYouItsMe latest hit parade. Thee truly special track from Waze & Odyssey vs Tommy Theo featured right below!

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