Allow Us To Introduce You To The Saucy & Stellar-Groovy Group, Damaged Bug And Their Scrumptious Cover Track “I Tried” (Michael And The Mumbles Cover)

Multi-artist John Dwyer alias persona Damaged Bug is paying homage to one of his preferred teachers. Mister Bug is grooving out with a saucy cover collection to thee Minnesota garage rock noise psychedelic master Michael Yonkers. A 1960s guitar baby hero.

Its Damaged Bug's take on first hearing Michael's cult-followed hit, "Microminiature Love",  where he said:

“I thought, I want to be playing music immediately. I want to write like this, I want to perform like this, I want to express like this man. Inspiration poured right into my veins through my earholes. It’s hard to explain, but that's what Michael Yonkers’s music conjures in me. He reminds me of young love and sadness. He sings about human destructiveness and warmongering governments, of drugs and hope. Of life.”

Damaged Bug's upcoming record is really a followup to this cover-up album of Michael Yonkers. A creative milkshake of inspiration to get ready for the big show sort of speak. Currently a molding project.

Thee lead track entitled “I Tried,” was recorded by Yonkers’ first rock band known as Michael And The Mumbles.  It's a sonic soothing rambunctious wild affair that we want all in on. A psychedelic wonderland with pulsating and alarming guitar strings and synth noise grooves.

Without further ado. Hit play on ItsNotYouItsMe latest hit parade. Thee hippy dippy happy feet tune, "I Tried" featured right below!

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