Watch Latin Queen Of Pop Paulina Rubio Shake Rattle & Roll At 2020's Carnival Of Santa Cruz De Tenerife!

Watch Latin Queen of Pop Paulina Rubio shake rattle and roll at 2020's Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife!

"I ask the City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife that the Carnivals last all year, because this is a party to be enjoyed for 365 days." These were the words that the singer Paulina Rubio offered yesterday to EL DÍA just before performing at the Gala for the election of the adult Queen of the Chicharrero Carnival, in which she participated as a guest artist. The Mexican singer expressed feeling delighted to be part of the Santa Cruz party again, since she already did it in 2007, offering a concert in the Plaza de España.

"I am very grateful that you have thought of me again, and this time, also, to participate in this very important show, with which the carnival of the street is kicked off. It is always an honor for me to be part of the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife , the best in the world, "said the artist.

For Paulina Rubio, in her own words, "it is always nice to come to this Island at such an outgoing and splendid moment". The artist assured that the Carnival of the Tenerife capital is like her. "I think I was born at a Carnival and my mother forgot to tell me. This is wonderful, to be able to go outside, dress up and enjoy the party," he said.

Paulina Rubio admitted that after performing at the Gala of the Queen of the Chicharrero Carnival, she will have to leave "running" and "fly away", although, she added, "I would love to stay on the Island and at these Carnivals for at least a month." "In 2007 I also had to leave quickly and I was sorry. But I hope to return someday and stay here for a longer time and visit the wonderful places that this beautiful land has," she said.

Regarding the Queen's Gala , the singer commented that it is a "fantastic show, in which there is a waste of creativity and originality." "I have been able to see some of the costumes and I am amazed. I also hope to live up to this great act and offer my best during my performance," said Paulina Rubio.

"Good memories"
Of course, the artist assured that, although she only performed at the Gala for a few minutes and left "running", she left her "heart in Santa Cruz de Tenerife". "I have very good memories of this land. I have lived many beautiful things on this Island. The public of Santa Cruz and Tenerife always treat me with great love. I am delighted to be here and to participate in their Carnival," insisted Paulina Rubio .

In relation to the Carnivals in Santa Cruz de Tenerife , the Mexican singer commented that "what sets her apart from other Carnivals in the world is her people." "Everyone here is always eager to have fun. Also, I know that the carnivals that participate in this party dedicate a lot of effort and work to them. These Carnivals are very, very special."

After participating in the La Voz television program , Paulina Rubio, as she pointed out yesterday, is immersed in a new project. "You already know that the important thing for me is the songs and the concerts. That is why, in the coming months I will focus on editing a new song and a new video, as well as preparing a tour. I hope to be able to come to sing to Tenerife again" , said.

Paulina Rubio kept the media waiting for several hours, but when she finally arrived, she was affectionate and attentive. She assured that she had an immense desire to get on the stage of the Chicharrero Carnival and to get the public to stand up to dance with her. He also took the opportunity to thank the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council for rethinking about it for its most important party.

Finally, the Mexican singer also wanted to dedicate a message of love to the readers of the newspaper EL DÍA." -


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