Master Of Dance Musique Benny Benassi Just Brought Everyone's House Down Who Were Luckily Watching Billboard Live At-Home Concert!

Master of Dance musique Benny Benassi just brought everyone's house down who were luckily watching Billboard Live At-Home concert! Especially wait for our preferred part of the show when Benny really didn't come to play. cutting a rug while setting it on fire at the 12:00 min mark!

"Ciao, bella! Benny Benassi got the party started Wednesday (March 25) with his Billboard Live At-Home concert, which raised money for the Croce Rossa Italiana, or Italian Red Cross.

In front of a bookcase of thousands of vinyl records, the iconic Italian DJ spun an array of hits from his home in Italy. "This is my real house because I am locked down with my family," he said. "Everybody is locked down right now in Italy. The situation is so-so like in the United States. I am going to pray for you. We stay here together, connected all over the world. We hope everything is going to be better soon."

The 30-minute set included "Satisfaction," "House Music" and "Lonely Nights," his collaboration with Lil Yachty. Italy remains the world's worst-hit country for COVID-19, with more than 7,500 dead, and the global pandemic caused the veteran dance producer to cancel his upcoming North American tour.

"Please keep safe home," he said at the end of his time with Billboard Live At-Home. "I pray for you and I am going to hug you as soon as I can. I love you. I'm going to see you soon in the club. Ciao!"

Watch Benassi's full Billboard Live At-Home set below, and donate to the Italian Red Cross here.

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