In Today's Real World Related News: DJ Snake Remixes Cardi B’s Viral Coronavirus Video!

In today's' real-world related news: DJ Snake remixes Cardi B's viral Coronavirus video!

"With the coronavirus keeping artists off the road, DJs have loads of studio time on their hands with which to get creative.

DJ Snake has done just that with his mini-remix of Cardi B's coronavirus rant -- "If you’re wondering why your weave or your fashion packages haven’t arrived," yep, that’s coronavirus, she says. "I'm telling you, sh-- is getting real"-- which went viral last week after getting its first remix, titled "Cardi B 'Coronavirus (Sh-- Is Real!)' Remix."

Snake's edit turns Cardi's yelps of "Coronavirus! Sh-- is getting real!" into a massive dance track with a touch of ominousness well-suited for moment. As captured in a video shared via his Twitter earlier Monday (March 16), Snake's production methods include hitting a few notes on a keyboard, tapping a fork on a glass and, of course, pumping some antibacterial gel into his hands.

Hear the remix below."

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