ItsNotYouItsMe Blog: Duo Dynamos, Disclosure, Unleash An Explosive New Afro-Ting Dance Tune “ETRAN”!

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Duo Dynamos, Disclosure, Unleash An Explosive New Afro-Ting Dance Tune “ETRAN”!

Duo dynamo, Disclosure, have been unleashing songs left and right starting since last week. Following the same trajectory from 2018, when the darling dancing boys did this exact same arrangement where they unleashed 5 new tunes over the course of five days. Now they are doing it once again. It took day 4 and song number 4 to really send us head over heels.

Day 1, last week on Monday, there was thee Aquarian Dream-sampling “Ecstasy.” Day 2, Tuesday, saw “Tondo” sampling central Cameroonian African artist Eko Roosevelt. Day 3,  saw  “Expressing What Matters”, thee Boz Scaggs-inspired jam. Which is another gem the gentleman conjured up.

But it is thee tune “Etran,” a sample of a yummy sunny alternative Afrobeat.  Perfect for the likes of a Latin-pop queen singer like Shakira who could impeccably perform too it. Perhaps a future remix we envision for Disclosure and the Colombian siren. There you have it carebears. An ItsNotYouItsMe, A Music Future We  See.  The single has Niger-based band Etran Finatawa helming thee catchy sonics.

An uptempo happy hippy-dippy vibration. Complete with genre-breaking futuristic afro-dance-pop unravelings.  A tribal beat lead with tons of house recipes and components. A bending mix of African, Trap, Pop, Dancehall, Dubstep and World music that's full of energy and attitude.

Heavy on the happy feet. Dig out “ETRAN” featured right below!

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