ItsNotYouItsMe Blog: Dig Out Shakira's Fiery Sizzling New Musique Video For Her Single ‘"Me Gusta"!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Dig Out Shakira's Fiery Sizzling New Musique Video For Her Single ‘"Me Gusta"!

After this year’s incomparable and now the new greatest Super Bowl Halftime Show ever, Shakira has unleashed a new musique video for her single, “Me Gusta,” featuring Spanish trapper Anuel AA.

Drew Kirsch helmed thee, directors, chair.  He also happened to navigate Taylor Swift’s “Lover,” musique video as well. Shakira's in similarity shares an exquisite wonderland filled with bright bold highlighter color schemes in euphoric aesthetics.

A colorful utopia of warm sunshine palettes wrapped in a blanket of multiple journeys. Trekking through mountains, trains and whipping up breakfast inside a sleek styled private dining car. Anuel we must admit is not one of our preferred Trap artists of today. However, nonetheless, he finesses his way through preparing sushi and dinner for his gal played by Shaki.

Think pink satin and feathers affair. Oh and there's Shakira as a brunette again ala 90s style. We also really dig Shakira's musique sample of Inner Circle's 1993 monstrous Reggae hit Sweat (A La La Long) off their album, Bad Boys.

Thee laid-back melody shares impeccable chemistry with "Me Gusta". A sweet melding like peanut butter and jelly on a Bolio roll of enchanting sonics. Shakira, as we speak, is recording the 2020 follow-up to her last Spanish record El Dorado, released back in 2017. It featured the single "Chantaje" one of our all-time favorite tracks of thee entire 2010s decade!

Without further ado. Dig out all the saucy sexy festive fun right below!

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