Allow Us To Introduce Yall To Vundabar And Their Saucy-Stellar Tune "Burned Off"

Allow us to introduce yall to Vundabar and their saucy-stellar tune entitled, "Burned Off"! Thee groovy duo hail from thee beautiful skies of Boston. "Burned Off" is thee official first single off their soon to be released record "Either Light" unleashing on March 13th supported by their personalized label Gawk Records.

Perfect for working out too. Or driving on streets while you are on your way into the nightlife. If tthis single  is a clear look at their future sound, we most definitely have our musical paws high up in thee air in anticipation. It's a rowdy fast uptempo dizzy fun affair with all the right hooks and chords.

 Creating an enchanting dancey number. “Burned Off” has a perfectly catchy chorus that'll get you movin' and groovin' from left to right in no time. complete It’s got a light and fun appeal that notes a slight change in their sound but one that suits them very well.

Thee rockin' gents accompanied “Burned Off” with an equally hyper-cool musique video directed by themselves!

Singer Brandon Hagen had the following to spill about the stellar project: “Burned Off details time spent waiting out a low. It’s bad, it’s bad, it’s bad, then it’s not, it burns off. The song explores that surreal and sometimes inexplicable moment of interior shift, the fog lifting, and the way our internal state informs our external experience." He continued...

"It could turn light into a puddle or a puddle into light, but then it burns off! Temporary and dual. We see our protagonist wet, we see our protagonist dry, we see our protagonist ruminating and then looking to the future, finally finding solace in the ephemeral, the chorus a reassurance of what’s now known.”

Without further ado get into thee "Vundabar" groove with ItsNotYouItsMe latest hit parade, "Burned Off" featured right below!


01 “Out Of It”
02 “Burned Off”
03 “Codeine”
04 “Petty Crime”
05 “Easier”
06 “Never Call”
07 “Montage Music”
08 “Jester”
09 “Paid For”
10 “Other Flowers”
11 “Wax Face”

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