Wham Bam Thank You Old Hollywood Glam! Dig Out Camila Cabello's Brand New Vintage Music Video With DaBaby For Single 'My Oh My'!

Wham bam thank you old Hollywood glam! Dig out Camila Cabello's brand new vintage music video with DaBaby for thee single 'My Oh My'! Camila unleashed her new aesthetics with genius and all-around superb innovator Dave Meyers helming thee lens.

Per his usual magical touch, Camila voyages in a time machine back to Old Hollywood during the roaring 1920s! One of our preferred decades of thee 20th century American History era.

Camila portrays thee role of a frustrated actress whos roles are quite unpleasant to her. She later runs into DaBaby at a bar, who plays thee role as an up and coming amateur director.

The duo goes strolling around town painting it gold. DaBaby takes Camila under his wings by tarnishing her previous studio contract. Only to give her a new role as the major star in his Kill Bill-esque "La Bonita Blade" film.

Dig out all the OG glitz and true authentic, effortless glamour in Camila Cabello's 'My Oh My' featuring DaBaby!

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