Rare Vocal Deity Queen Of Pop Christina Aguilera Unravels Spring Season Upon Us Early In New Video W/ A Great Big World 'Fall On Me'!

One of thee greatest living vocalists of all-time in musique history, Christina Aguilera has unleashed a magically beautiful new musique video in collaboration with A Great Big World "Fall On Me". It may be only mid-February. Christina Aguilera always ahead of her time sees it quite differently. She had unraveled spring season upon us early.

"Fall On Me" has Christina evoking a supernatural Queen of Spring-like chanteuse. Behind an enchanting white wonderland, the lads of A Great Big World tinkle their talents on a lush piano as snowfalls.

We gander their transformation from season to season and watch all their flowers have powers. Commencing to bloom, Christina takes charge vocally soaring in her signature register and incomparable range.

The tree plays a vital metaphor depicting thee continuous cycle of life. Fellow artist and director Se Oh took the helm. She too saw thee journey of love through the life cycle of a tree.

She shared, "a beautiful depiction of the search for connection and love in the song. "Moving through the seasons with this tree captures the interconnectedness of all things and how in time everything finds its balance and order."

A Great Big World sent thee following an amorous message to Aguilera in an online post, scribbling, "@xtina, thanks for creating magic with us again. Truly one of the highlights of our lives."

Dig out thee dreamy and exquisite "Fall On Me" musique video right below!

Some Xtina candy for fun..

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