Pop Titans Aly & AJ Roar Back With Their Pulsating & Hyptonizing New Track “Attack of Panic"!

It's been 13 years since Aly & AJ unleashed their last record, 2007's "Insomniatic". Now the brilliant sisters have evolved and manifested their musical talents since then. Sure we've seen periodic works of art in between those times (singles like Sanctuary and Church).

But it's their most recent single, "Attack of Panic," that has all the right moves and groove to sway left and right too. Arranged with pulsating synths and a hypnotizing catchy chorus.

One thing for sure, you'll be entranced by the hook and melodic sonics the gals have conjured up. Perhaps their most aspirational work as of present.

The new album is expected to unravel sometime later this year. “Attack of Panic" also comes accompanied by an equally stellar musique video. Running a muck through a moody city complete with intricate choreography and frantic, anxiety-like cinematography.

Dig out Aly & AJ's alluring musique video single, “Attack of Panic" right now!

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