Masters Of Music, The Strokes Unleash A Far-out New Seventies Inspired Music Video ‘Bad Decisions’!

The Strokes strutted their best moves at a Bernie Sanders rally in New Hampshire just this past week. Frontman hottie mctoddie Julian Casablancas got himself into a little controversial limelight when he chose to sing the band's timeless classic tune “New York City Cops” all while next to a live police officer. If you know anything about the track, you know it's not thee most flattering of songs, lyrically speaking.

They also took advantage of their national spotlight to unleash new singles from their upcoming record, The New Abnormal.

“Bad Decisions,” is a monster groovy upbeat mid-tempo jam that has The Strokes at their finest. Sonically and melodically it's enchanting in all it's 80s nostalgic synth-pop vibrations.

Directed by artist Andrew Donoho the stellar tunes video aesthetics find thee boys, in their best Seventies portrayal. The boys star in their own infomercial-esque TV spot. Thee enthralling parody features beautiful disasters, Clones, and some sleek costume and set designs.

"The New Abnormal", is the group's 6th studio album, slated for an April 10th release courtesy of their label Cult and RCA. Rick Rubin helmed the production. Jean-Michel Basquiat's "Bird on Money" is thee superb cover artwork.

Without further ado. Let's get into The Strokes groove with their official return on the oh-so-yummy, instant classic number, ‘Bad Decisions’!

The "New Abnormal" tracklist!

1. The Adults Are Talking
2. Selfless
3. Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus
4. Bad Decisions
5. Eternal Summer
6. At the Door
7. Why Are Sundays So Depressing
8. Not the Same Anymore
9. Ode to the Mets

Scope out their bonus new track “At the Door”, right below!

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