Allow Us To Re-introduce Y'all To Thee Saucy Groovy Songstress Vetta Borne & Her Stellar Tune "Hey"!

Allow us to re-introduce y'all to thee saucy groovy songstress Vetta Borne and her stellar tune entitled, "Hey"!

Hailing from thee beautiful bright skylines of Melbourne. We were first entranced by Vetta's collaboration with a fellow mate from Brisbane, mister Young Franco. Back in 2018, their duet ‘Girls Don’t Cry’ had us dipping and doing from left to right uncontrollably.

Its a total underground pop/r&b dance dream. Also at the time, Vetta originally went by the name Maribelle, which represented her endeavors as a singer, songwriter, and producer.

Vetta Borne, however, is also having her own breakthrough with thee hypotonic and groovtastic gem 'Hey'. She's crooning for connection as she seeks for enigmatic lust-love. With one press of thee button, you will be hooked on thee entrancing chorus and plush versus.

Without further ado get into thee Vetta Borne groove and ItsNotYouItsMe latest hit parade with thee far-out tune "Hey"!

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