Allow Us To Introduce You To Thee Dreamy & Ethereally Plush Alexandra Savior And Her Alluring Tune "But You"!

Allow us to introduce you to thee dreamy and ethereally plush Alexandra Savior and her alluring tune "But You"! Alexandra hails from thee American seas and is a singer-songwriter from the Portland, Oregon neck of the woods.

She unleashed a stellar debut album Belladonna of Sadness, via Columbia Records in April of 2017. Now she follows up with thee saucy and enigmatic second record entitled, "The Archer." She opens with thee enchanting and inescapable track, "Soft Currents." Unleashed in support with 30th Century Records this past January on the 10th of 2020.

The Archer is a 10-song set dream set. Thee indie ambient pop sophomore record has producer (Sam Cohen) on board. Along with a  new label. Alexandria is feeling more empowered than ever these days. Savior spills the following in an interviewed press release about the brand new spanking project:

"What I really wanted to do was get a set of songs I felt were cohesive enough to make sense of a record -- it's more difficult than it sounds. It's hard to tell with your music whether or not it's good or bad."

There are apparently a hundred tunes, voice messages, half-completed jams,  concepts like an intentional #MeToo theme to many of the new songs. She goes on to say:

"I think I went through a period of time where I was very innocent and I was being taken advantage of by a lot of manipulative forces in my life. I was very young and naive when I first left home and came into the music industry. I think I was prey for a lot of those sort of characters to come in and control what I was doing. I never felt I was being seen for who I was; I was being seen for what they could push me into and what was most sellable."

Alexandria  also addresses her previous abusive personal relationship in some of The Archer's tunes:

"It was only when I was rejected by those forces when I began to have a voice. I wrote from a place of being rejected and confused, insecure and angry and depressed. But I was writing about me, and I think creatively there was a weight lifted off of me and I feel like so much has opened up to me. I think I have a lot less anxiety in general now."

In all it's beautiful truth, get into thee Alexandra Savior groove with ItsNotYouItsMe lates hit parade. Thee dreamy and catchy sonics of  "But You" featured right below!

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